Rajesh Khanna’s iconic dialogues

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The late Rajesh Khanna, fondly known as ‘Kaka’, was one of our most iconic film stars. He was the actor for whom the term ‘superstar’ was first coined. The actor played a variety of roles in his illustrious career. Apart from his crinkle-eyed smile and boyish charm, the actor is famous for some fabulous one-liners. Ask any film buff who loves that era and they will be able to instantly tell you which film it is from. Read on.

1. “Arre, oh Babumoshai! Hum toh rangmanch ki kathputliyaan hai…” (Anand)

Just when you are mourning Anand’s death comes this line that reminds us that life and death are not in our hands. The eponymous character’s never-say-die spirit is evident in this line. Who knows when one will die? Until then, live life to the fullest! 

Rajesh Khanna Dialogues
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2. “Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin.” (Anand)

From the same film comes a  simple philosophy – live a full life. If you fear death so much that you forget to live, then what use is your life anyway? 

Rajesh Khanna Philosophy
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3. “Jab tak zinda hoon, tab tak mara nahin.” (Anand)

I’ll live till I am alive. A simple, yet profound thought! This simple sentence captures all that Anand is, a man who loves life so much that he doesn’t fear death. Anand will always be remembered for Rajesh Khanna’s amazing portrayal of a lively man looking death in the eye

Rajesh Khanna’s amazing Portrayal of a Lively Man
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4. “Pushpa, mujhse ye aansu dekhe nahin jaate. I hate tears!” (Amar Prem)

The story of three lonely characters who are bound together by unconditional love comes this iconic line reminding the stricken heroine that she needs to hold her chin up and stay strong. It’s a harsh denouncement but Kaka’s tone is tender as he lovingly admonishes the woman who has come to revere him (Sharmila Tagore)

Rajesh Khanna Amar Prem
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5. “Maine tera namak khaya hai isliye teri nazron mein namak haram zaroor hoon.” (Namak Haraam)

Namak Haraam by Hrishikesh Mukherjee was a loose adaptation of the 1964 classic Becket. Rajesh Khanna plays a man torn between loyalty to Vicky (Amitabh Bachchan), the man who befriended him, and the voice of his own conscience. In the background of their confrontation lies the crucial question of what is more important – loyalty to a friend or standing up for what is right?

Rajesh Khanna Namak Haram
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6. "Main marne se pehle marna nahin chaahta." (Safar)

Like Anand, Safar’s Avinash is also a dying man. Like Anand, he demands no pity. Life is not over until it is. And until then, Avinash too wants to live his life as normally as possible

Rajesh Khanna Safar
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7. “Desh ke liye jaan nyochaavar karnewalon se toh maut bhi darti hai.” (Aradhana)

A ringing endorsement for our men in uniform. The fearless Indian air force officer who speaks these words is soon sent out on a sortie from which he never returns

Rajesh Khanna Aaradhana
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