Piya Re: a gut-wrenching love story you’d want to watch while you are social distancing

Published on 03rd Apr 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Love, at first sight, is a cliché that has been exploited by films over and over again. The dramatic locking of eyes, falling in love and the hope of a happily ever after – Piya Re is all that and more. The movie is laced with nuanced emotional scenes that make the audience root for the hero till the end. Perfectly timed comic scenes and intense action sequences make the film a visual treat. 

Soham Chakraborthy and Srabanti Chatterjee in the lead pair convincingly play a lower-middle-class couple exploring love, life and more. Soham’s portrayal of Rabi, a simple clothes’ trader, with his impeccable acting is highly endearing. Srabanti, on the other hand, plays Riya, a chirpy but strong-headed woman who regularly deals with the consequences of having Madhab, a notorious thug for a brother.

Piya Re
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One day, all changes when Madhab gets arrested for attempting murder. A series of unfortunate events follow and Riya takes a drastic step. This jeopardizes her relationship with Rabi and the film takes a different course. Directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee, the movie has a captivating and tragic climax. What happens to Riya? Do Rabi and Riya rekindle their relationship and find their happily ever after? 

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