"Phulo Phallo...Kher Chodho" and all the other hilarious one-liners by Kirron Kher!

The charm and fun that Kirron Kher adds to all her characters will always remain unmatched! She is one of the most hilarious and endearing actresses in Bollywood and has time and again proved that even after more than 30 films she can still bring something new to the table! On the occasion of her birthday here’s a look at all the hilarious one-liners she has given us over the years!

1. Khoobsurat

Kirron Kher as the quintessential modern-day mother armed with an iPad and her daughter’s phone number on speed dial was endlessly entertaining! 
Her only concern in life, getting her daughter married of course! 
Does it get more relatable than this?

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2. Kambakht Ishq

And how can we forget the uber cool Dolly Aunty! Her numerous one-liners can out wit even real desi aunties!

Kambakht Ishq
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3. Rang De Basanti

Kirron Kher in the cult classic, Rang De Basanti is still one of her greatest performances ever. She is funny, caring and emotional, all at the same time. The perfect Punjabi mother indeed!

Rang De Basanti
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4. Main Hoon Na

A character that never fails to bring a smile on the audience’s face. Kirron Kher as Ram and Laxman’s sweet and caring mother gave us moments that reminded us of our own mothers! 

Main Hoon Na
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5. Dostana

Possibly the most famous one-liner said by Kirron Kher has to be from the film “Dostana”. Kirron Kher’s journey from a mother concerned about his son’s homosexuality to accepting him is a heartwarming yet hilarious character arch and makes the film an absolute delight to watch!

Kirron Kher in Dostana
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6. Om Shanti Om

The filmy mother who claims she was the first choice for the female lead in Mughal- E- Aazam is witty, entertaining, and hilariously extravagant! 
Even though the film is studded with stars, it wouldn’t be the same without her and that’s the sign of a great character!

Kirron Kher as filmy maa of Om Shanti Om
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7. Koffee with Karan

Kirron Kher was also seen on the last episode of Koffee with Karan and of course, she said some of the most hilarious things ever!

Koffee with Karan
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We are surprised a petition to let her be on every Koffee episode is not a real thing yet!

Kirron Kher on Koffee with Karan
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And who can forget her hilarious remarks about Karan Johar’s trendy fashion choices on his viral Instagram series ‘Toodles’! 

Kirron Kher can literally make anything entertaining!

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