Our Top picks for #Talentainment Magical May 2019

Published on 28th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Terrific talents from May #Talentainment have swept us off our feet. A talent not wasted is a talent that we respect!
We are all heart eyes for the #Talentainment from May 2019.

You can totally imagine Puneet Cheema in a crown on this song by Billie Eilish. You will be absolutely thrilled by the kind of hold he has on his performance and will make sure you don’t blink throughout!

Just like our Indian cuisines are incomplete without ‘Laung & Elaichi’, you can’t miss out on this ravishing performance by Jayshree and her team on the song #LaungLaachi. They are killing it with their moves and we are here for it!

This stunning performance by Akshita, will take you on a romantic emotional rollercoaster ride with an amazing background score #Vaaste and is surely going to leave you awestruck throughout!

This performance by Rajni Ramachandran is a feast for the eyes. You should not miss looping and shaking it off with her on the rhythms of this song by the pop sensation #TaylorSwift. Get ready to stay in loop with her #HoolaHoopDance. 

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