Onam is the festival of food. Celebrate it with your family by preparing these scrumptious dishes.

Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of a variety of curries, spices and mouth-watering desserts. In this feature, we take a look at some delightful and enticing dishes to enjoy during the famous South Indian Harvest Festival -Onam.


Sambhar is an essential dish of the Onam Sadhya. A variety of vegetables from drumsticks and tomatoes to potatoes, beans and yam come together in a thick gravy-like vegetable stew. And complete this simple yet wonderful dish.



One of the favourite dishes of many Keralites, Aviyal is an important dish and a mainstay for a traditional Kerala Feast. It is a thick mixture of different kinds of vegetables except soft and pulpy vegetables. Seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves, this dish is famous for it’s special flavor.

South Indian Dish - Aviyal

Rasam is a traditional and famous recipe from Karnataka, where they usually don’t include onion and garlic. It is a watery dish made of tomato, chili pepper, cumin, and other spices. A pinch of tamarind and black pepper gives this dish a unique flavour. An addition of rasam powder can be considered as a secret ingredient which is basically just a blend of various roasted spices.

South India Rasam

Thoran is a classic dish prepared with some easily available ingredients. This delicious South Indian delicacy is made with vegetables like cabbage, ladyfinger, drumstick, spinach and lots more. The real flavor and aroma is retained when curry leaves mixed with coconut oil brings out the beauty of this dish.

Thoran Recipe

Payasum is a Kerela dessert which includes milk, vermicelli and sugar. It is one of the easiest sweets that can be prepared for a festive occasion like Onam. The vermicelli can be made from wheat flour, rice flour, ragi or rava. A dessert such as this one is a treat to anyone who has got a massive sweet-tooth.