Odd places people got stuck at due to lockdown

Published on 26th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Due to the advent of the pandemic, the travel restrictions put in place by almost all the countries saw people getting stuck in lockdown wherever it was they were at that time. This led to people getting stuck at some of the weirdest places on Earth. Let’s check it out!

A 40-year-old German man, Edgard Ziebat, got stuck in transit at Delhi airport when India stopped all incoming and outgoing flights in March. Most of the passengers stuck in transit were taken back by their countries but this wasn’t the case for this man. Due to his prior criminal record, Germany refused to take this man back and India also denied him a visa for the same reason. The man stayed at the airport for 54 days using the airport facilities. The story of a man who got stuck at the airport sounds eerily similar to Tom Hanks’ The Terminal (2004), doesn’t it?

stuck at the airport
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Some of the people who were vacationing on cruise ships like Diamond Princess, Zaandam, and World Dream got stuck there indefinitely due to the lockdown. Eventually, these cruises became hotspots making them one of the worst places to get trapped at for the people onboard. With most of the countries shutting their doors, these massive ships became some of the remotest hotspots on the planet.

worst places to get trapped
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The cast of the show Big Brother Germany got stuck at the Big Brother house. However, initially they weren’t aware about the ongoing pandemic but were informed about the same live on air. They were still allowed to continue to stay in the house as they were already in a quarantine of sorts.

Big Brother Germany
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A family sailing on a boat called Delos, got stuck in Bahamas after most of the countries in the region shut their borders. The couple along with their baby have been living aboard their vessel, making their own power, and fishing for food. They’ve been documenting their experience on YouTube. 

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The festival goers at The Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama were quarantined at a beach in March. They were forced to stay in the tents that were meant to house them for just a couple of weeks.

Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama
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