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Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Meet the Bengali folk art that’s over 200 years old!

In this series of Bengali folk art articles, we bring you an art form that’s, well, 200 years old. Bohurupee.One who imitates different forms is a person of a special character. That’s what ‘Bohurupee’ literally means.

An old form of folk art, Bohurupee is an art in which a person imitates mythological characters, animals and others.
Apparently, they do it for a reason. As per Bengali folklore, during Durga Pujo, Bohurupees dress up and do make-up the way they do to impress Goddess Durga and get her to visit Earth.
And they are masters of imitation – imitating other Gods during other festivals!


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