No matter how you like your eggs, these tips will help you cook it with perfection.

Egg is a food that can be prepared in a million ways and can also be added to thousands of dishes. However, in this article we’re going to be talking about egg as a standalone dish. There are many ways of cooking or doing an egg, as some like to call it. So let’s try to answer the million dollar question of how to make the perfect eggs?

When you want to have a boiled egg…

If hard boiled eggs are your go-to snack when your body needs an instant kick of energy and protein after an intense workout or when you’re down with hunger pangs, then we might not have the perfect hard boiled eggs recipe but a trick that will make peeling the hard shell off of your boiled egg much easier. After you’re done boiling the egg to perfection, just transfer it to a glass of cold water and shake it. Now simply pull the hard shell of the egg off of it like you peel the skin off of an onion, just like that! 

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When you have to make an omelette…

Omelette is one of the most popular ways of consuming eggs. It is one of the easy to make egg recipes that can be prepared within minutes and offer the most versatility in terms of the choice of ingredients. There is no such thing as a perfect scrambled eggs recipes but in order to ensure that your scrambled eggs turn out fluffy everytime, make sure the eggs are at room temperature. Take the eggs out of the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before you want to cook them. You can also use a strainer to transfer the scrambled eggs to the cooking pan to ensure your simple egg recipes retain its fluffiness. Before cooking your quick egg recipes, you can coat the surface of the pan you are going to transfer the beaten eggs to with butter, this will prevent the eggs from getting stuck to the surface of the pan and in turn retain their fluffiness.

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When you want your eggs fried…

Fried eggs is one of the quick and easy egg recipes that you can cook with the least hassle and efforts. If you're the kind of person that belongs to the clumsy club who drops small pieces of egg shells into the pan while breaking it, here's a little tip that will transform how you prepare your simple egg recipes - you can use the larger part of the shell to scoop the smaller piece from the hot pan. Just like cooking the perfect scrambled eggs recipe, you need to use butter while preparing fried eggs as well in order to ensure they don't stick to the surface of the pan. If you like your fried eggs more contained rather than all over the place, then you can add a rather simple ingredient to make that happen. Use a capsicum or large onion ring and drop the egg yolk and white directly into it. This will also add a bit of character to this otherwise easy to make egg recipes. There are some folks who don't like the egg yolk runny as it can just ruin the plain cooked egg white for them. If you happen to be one of them, then just overcook your fried eggs for a few seconds or until the edges of the egg white start turning brown. This will prepare your egg yolk exactly the way you enjoy it. 

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