New Year's Resolutions That Are Bound To Fail By The First Week Of Jan.

Setting goals for ourselves at the turn of the calendar year and calling them New Year’s Resolutions is a time honoured tradition. Though a resolution can be made any time of the year, being our optimistic selves, we hope to change our lives for the better with the beginning of a new year, especially when the previous year has been a tough one. This is, of course, regardless of whether we achieved our previous resolutions. In order to make your lives easier and consciences clearer, we bring to you a list of New Year’s Resolutions that are bound to fail by the first week of January so that there are no disappointments later on. 

1. Following a diet plan

Let’s just be honest about it, we love eating. We don’t care if it affects our physical and eventually, our mental health. But are we so addicted to eating unhealthy foods that we can’t quit them even when we are aware of its obvious disadvantages? Maybe, if we looked at dieting with a more positive attitude and challenged ourselves to resist the temptation to fall back or didn’t quit dieting altogether when we did, just maybe then we would be able to commit to a diet.

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2. Exercising

Whoever has exercising on their New Year’s resolution list obviously hates exercising, otherwise it’d already been a part of their daily routine. But, instead of believing in the notion of exercising till the point of exertion, start small. Just start by walking for a few minutes and doing a few push-ups and squats. Even if you feel you can do more, just stop because your goal for the day has been reached. Set very modest and achievable goals. 

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3. Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions and is obviously a combination of the previous two resolutions from our list. Your journey to losing weight can prove to be a daunting one but if you break your ultimate goal into smaller ones, it just might become achievable. For example, instead of vaguely deciding to lose weight, you can make it a point to lose 5 Kgs till a certain date. 

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4. Save More

Saving more and spending less is another popular New Year’s resolution that people often end up giving up on. Although this might not be entirely the individual’s fault as, at times, there are many surprise costs that come up. But writing down your expenses and trying to eliminate the wasteful ones would probably help you in adhering to your saving goals.

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5. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby is already a tough thing to do. But there’s no easy way around it, you have to literally force yourself to do it. If you still have a hard time wrapping your head around it, try thinking about the benefits of picking up this skill and why you decided to do it in the first place. Also, set small & achievable goals, keep a track of your progress so that you feel motivated when you look back, and try to share your resolutions with others.

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