In need of a new fitness routine? Try one these crazy regimes

The world is a wonderfully weird place. That is an established fact. However, if you need further proof, take a look at (and probably try!) these bizarre fitness formulae that have been all the rage this year.

1. Beer yoga

If you thought yoga was all about being sanskaari, think again. Early this year, pictures of yoga practitioners balancing beer bottles on their lips while holding the Eagle pose surfaced and the internet went crazy. That is how Beer Yoga (or BierYoga as the Germans labelled it) became a thing. They called it “the marriage of two great loves” and we can’t help but agree.

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2. Goat yoga

If balancing beer bottles is not your thing, then how about baby goats? That’s right; a farm in Arizona came up with the concept of practicing yoga asanas with baby goats prancing around and climbing all over you. Good luck concentrating on your breath with tiny paws tickling your tummy. As if that wasn’t cute enough, the kids (that’s what you call a baby goat) are even dressed in adorable costumes!

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3. Doga

When you have goats, can dogs be too far behind? Doga is yoga for your pooch! So now when you practice your asanas, your four-legged friend doesn’t have to be a mute spectator. There are actual classes where you can teach doga to your dogs from professional instructors and practice asanas together!In fact, several celebrities such as Soha Ali Khan have been seen practicing doga with their fur babies.

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4. Mermaid exercise

Remember reading the Little Mermaid and being fascinated about the lives of this half-fish, half human entity? Well now you can experience first-hand. Mermaid exercise is another hot new fitness trend that seems have caught the fancy of many. To perform this exercise, you literally have to turn yourself into a mermaid by slipping into fins made of bathing suit material and swimming around the pool! Experts say it’s a great workout for your core muscles and we’ll take their word for it.

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5. Kangoo

This new fitness craze involves wearing Kangoos or special boots with springs and hopping around like a kangaroo. But don’t worry, the boots are completely safe and stable, and no one has been known to fall over. Apart from being excellent for your calf muscles, this one sounds like a whole lot of fun too!

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