Must-watch Gujarati comedies for a quick dose of laughter

Published on 23rd Jun 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Are you looking for a good dose of laughter or an exciting adventure to experience? Take a look at these top Gujarati movies that will keep you and your family laughing for hours. 

1. Navri Bazar

Goa has always been the ideal destination for those seeking a break away from life, a quick holiday or even some fun in the sand and water. So, what happens when three peculiar couples win a free trip to this destination of sand and sun? A perfect blend of drama, surprise and comedy, starring Disha Patel, Hemin Trivedi, Chetan Daiya, Sunil Vaghela and Dipa Trivedi is what awaits you!

Navri Bazar
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2. Majja Ni Life

After the death of his first wife, Naramdas remarries Rajeshwari to take care of his newborn child Vijay. Rajeshwari, who has an ulterior motive of stealing her husband’s wealth, manipulates her stepson and heir to the wealth, to side with her. Vijay soon marries Radhika, a simple yet smart girl. What happens when Radhika takes on her husband’s stepmother while preserving her relationship and marriage to an oblivious husband? Watch Neha Mehta’s brilliant yet hilarious performance as Radhika to find out what happens in the end!

Majja Ni Life
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3. Midnights With Menka

What happens when Malhar Thakar, a Gujarati superstar and his wealthy best friend Hardik, both hungering for success, indulge in some undesirable scenarios? Misadventures and chaos for one! Adding to this mess is Esha, his biggest fan and sister, Riya! How will they get out of this mess and save their future? Tune in to watch their adventures mixed with friendship, fame, humour, love and a whole lot of emotions.

Midnights With Menka
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4. Shu Thayu?

After a lot of convincing, Manan convinces the parents of Dipali of his intentions to get married to her. An unexpected accident with his friends results in him losing his memory of the last two years. Moreover, he only keeps repeating a single sentence due to his amnesia! Will Manan get married? Will he remember everything? Will his family and future wife know about this? Tune in to know what happens next!

Shu Thayu
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5. Gujju Bhai

Arvind Divetia and his son Khagesh are looking to get rich quickly. But their ambition leads them into a wild adventure with the police and terrorist groups. What happens to this father and son duo who always seem to attract trouble at every corner? Starring Anil Charanjeett and Jayesh More, do watch this movie to find out what happens to them!

Gujju Bhai
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