Movies v/s web series – The viewer always wins!

Watching movies and series have changed and how! One would have to patiently wait for the next episode or the movie to stream on TV. But gone are those days, OTT platforms have changed that dynamic completely. You can now watch a movie or a series as per your convenience. OTT platforms have changed the way we consume content. The boon of smart devices and high internet connectivity have also made it easier for the user. 

But the impact of OTT platforms is not just limited to content consumption; it has slowly pitted movies against web series. The interesting thing to note is the different experiences these formats offer to the viewer. Movies are a short affair; the story quickly unfolds as compared to a web series, and it ends within two hours. A web series, however, builds the curiosity episode by episode. It keeps the viewer engaged for a longer time, entertaining them even more.

OTT Platforms in India
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The length of the format also offers a web series an advantage – it accommodates more information than a movie. The subject can be explored in detail, giving the viewer an in-depth insight into the topic. For instance, the movie Rustom touched upon the Nanavati case, whereas the upcoming web series ‘The Verdict – State vs Nanavati’ will give an insight into the case from many different angles. 

The Verdict - State Vs Nanavati
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Web series are gaining popularity and are here to stay. From docuseries to dramas and crime thrillers to romance, there’s no genre left untouched. They have something to offer everyone. Movies, on the other hand, are made for the masses and miss out on a chunk of the audience. There was a time when a Friday would pull the crowd to the theatre; that equation is now changing. A season premiere of a popular series has the same crowd-pleasing potential and effortlessly drives more subscriptions and renewals. 

Movies v/s web series
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