Movies that’ve shown married life like never before!

You may have heard of different experiences of marriage – happy, tragic, not-so-happy, and more. Such stories become more relatable once you’re married, in a relationship or planning to get into one. Whatever the situation, one thing is for sure – marriage is an emotional rollercoaster. Let’s take a look at some Bengali movies that present the funny side of married life. 

1. Bibaho Obhijaan

The term ‘Bibaho Obhijaan’ translates to marital adventure. So, you know what to expect from this comedy drama. It’s a tale of two friends who get married to two girls who are poles apart. It’s hilarious to watch them live like Tom and Jerry – dealing with the adventures in their conjugal lives! 

Bibaho Obhijaan
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Times of India
2. Bibaho Diaries

This rom-com presents a detailed version of being in a relationship – before and after marriage. Viewers get to know a modern-day couple’s perspective about marital life. The story has a humorous take on the situations that arise in their relationship. It also shows an emotional approach of dealing with them. 

Bibaho Diaries
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3. Baccha Shoshur

In this movie, the lead actor sees his deceased father-in-law in his son. You can already imagine how funny it is to watch him escape from the situation. The film may seem like an out-and-out comedy, but it also carries a social message with it. Kudos to the filmmakers for coming up with this fresh concept! 

Baccha Shoshur
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4. Hoichoi Unlimited

As the title suggests, this is a story of unlimited chaos. Four married men plan to go on a foreign trip to have some ‘fun’. As luck would have it, their plans go haywire. The situation gets messy when their wives, the police and a private detective get involved in chasing them. The film is a complete comedy of errors! 

Hoichoi Unlimited
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