Movies that prove Sonu Sood qualifies as the quintessential villain of Bollywood!

Published on 30th Jul 2019 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

We often gush over the heroes in movies, but what we can’t ignore, are the superb villains who make us sit on the edge of our seats! Sonu Sood is one phenomenal actor, who has qualified as the perfect villain in Bollywood. On his birthday, let’s take a look at some of his best grey performances!

1. R Rajkumar

The nail-biting action sequences of the character played by Sonu Sood in the movie R Rajkumar, is a perfect instance of how villains can overshadow & give a thrilling fight to the hero. The movie is filled with loads of intrigue, thrill and fun elements that make you sit through the entire film with excitement!

Sonu Sood in movie R Rajkumar
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2. Dabangg

There’s no denying the fact that character Chedi Singh was the most entertaining villain of all time. Sonu Sood carried off the character’s savage & rebellious personality like a pro!

Sonu Sood as Cheddi Singh in Dabangg
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3. Singh is King

Tables turn when a small town boy Lakhan aka Lucky, turns into a mafia king. He’s is a quintessential baddie, that everyone is frightened of, regardless of it being a short one, Sonu Sood’s managed to make the character of a paralyzed king & an Ungli Baba a highlight in this movie!

Sonu Sood in Singh is King
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4. Simba

Sood pulled off the powerful role of Durva Ranadep effortlessly. His stronghold on the character was truly commendable and made everyone his fan for life! He aced the grey character with his hard to miss towering personality and an envious physique.

Simmba villain Sonu Sood
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