Mehrooni will fill your heart with love

Mehrooni is the beautiful story of a couple who wish to live happily ever after. And in their journey of life, there’s a maroon sweater that binds them together. It’s as if the sweater has a soul. It symbolises the couple’s undying love for each other and is an integral part of their incomplete love story. 

This short film makes you believe in the love that you find in fairy tales. It’s an emotional journey of two people who are struggling to keep their love alive. They know that one’s journey will soon come to an end, and so, they want to make the most of their life together. The wife knits a maroon sweater, while the husband reads his newspaper. Gradually, the sweater nears completion, and so does their journey. 

Image Courtesy:
Bolly Spice

Mehrooni has been primarily shot in a local train. The film depicts how a train’s compartment transforms into a living room for its millions of commuters. The city of Mumbai grows on them as they try to find time for themselves in this chaos. Mehrooni places special emphasis on time (or the lack of it) in a relationship. Its novel story-telling and smart cinematography keep the viewers gripped all through. Arijit Datta’s music and Rekha Bhardwaj’s singing set the mood. 

The film highlights the similarities between life and a local train. Some people have a long way to go, while some have to get off a little sooner. Such is a life’s journey, and people strive to complete it with love and togetherness. Written, narrated and directed by Faraz Ali, Mehrooni beautifully explains this in a simple and an effective manner. The maroon sweater offers warmth to every viewer!