Meet The Hang 5 and the stars behind the voices!

The Hang 5 are the most awesome surfing penguins to ever take to the waves, each voiced by a WWE Superstar. Here they are, in all their glory.

1. The big boss of WWE, it’s no surprise Mr. McMahon voices the leader of the Hang 5.
2. Messing with him is a mistake you wouldn’t want to make. The Undertaker voices the enforcer of the Hang 5.
3. Triple H, the man, the legend, and the epic voice of Hunter.
4. The original WWE Diva, Paige brought some much needed flair to the group, even insisting that her character keeps her name.
5. Cool, funny and daring, John Cena is the WWE superstar we all love and adore. He voices J.C. You definitely can’t unsee this.