Marathi movies that broke the mould. And how!

Amidst a barrage of forgettable movies, a new wave of young filmmakers made films that had unexplored subjects as the storyline. Read on to discover more about such films.


A bold statement about the corrupt education system, the story of Blackboard traces a common man`s struggle to educate his granddaughter. Focused heavily on the commercialization of the archaic education system, the movie explores the hardships faced by the parents to educate their child in a world where education has turned into a business.


A story of often forgotten street children and the love between siblings that overcomes all the hardships they face. After their grandmother passes away, Aaskya and his younger sister Rani, are chased away by local mafia. While roaming the streets, Rani takes fancy to a Cindrella doll, which they are accused of stealing. Humiliated, Aaskya decides to buy the doll for his beloved sister Rani. The movie follows their struggles to buy Cindrella.

Swami Public Ltd.

The plot revolves around spiritual beliefs of people and how a few god-men exploit it. Siddharth, the central figure of the story is a simple man who is planning to work for social cause. His path crosses with Nachiket, a businessman, who transforms Siddharth into a Swami and uses his business skills to make Swami into a brand.

Shyamche Vadil

This movie touched upon the sensitive topic of divorce and how it affects the social fabric of a family. The story focuses on a couple, Madhav and Leena. Married for over 25 years, Leena is the breadwinner of the family, while Madhav looks after their only son and does menial jobs. The plot takes an unexpected turn, when Shyam, the son, manipulates his father to seek divorce from his mother.

Joshi Ki Kamble

Director Shekhar Sartandel’s Joshi Ki Kamble deals with the sensitive issue of reservation from a moralistic point of view. The movie tells the story of Sanjay Kamble, a young student, who is revealed to be Sanjay Joshi by birth. With one surname belonging to a caste with reservation and the other surname that doesn’t, the film deftly explores reservation and why the system prevails till date.

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