Make-up trends in different parts of the world

Make-up trends keep changing with time. Every few years, there’s a new range of products in the market that sets a new fashion statement. However, there are certain beauty standards that are classic; they come to represent a particular culture. People of a region tend to follow a particular style to enhance their beauty. There’s no right or wrong – it’s all about pleasing one’s aesthetic senses! Let’s appreciate some common make-up trends in different parts of the world. 

1. France

The French are well-known for their chic style and make-up. They put a great emphasis on nutrition to keep their skin healthy. That’s the reason why their skin is always glowing and radiant. Bold, red lips are a classic look for many women in France. A general beauty trend followed in the country is to use minimal make-up with a light foundation and a brown eyeshadow

France Chic Style and Make-up
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2. Australia

When it comes to make-up, Australians are usually laidback. They usually prefer products made of high-quality natural ingredients.  Natural make-up helps protect the skin from the warm and humid weather. Australians put a great deal of importance on sun protection. A little skin care...and the Aussies are all set to soak in the sun!

Australian MakeUp
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Natural makeup
3. Japan

Women in Japan need no special occasion to apply make-up. They love getting dolled up. The Japanese usually apply rosy colours to give them a soft, youthful look. Japanese women also love wearing fake eyelashes

Japanese MakeUp
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Distinguished Magazine
4. Brazil

Brazilians are super-cool about their look – be it a party, holiday, or a formal gathering. Women like to sport their naturally bronzed bodies or wear bronze make-up. They complete their look by using waterproof liner on the lower lashes. Their skincare products essentially include coconut oil and sunscreens. Dense, wavy hair is a special feature of Brazilian beauty

Brazilian Bronze Makeup
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Bronze Makeup Look
5. South Africa

Beauty is a state of mind and people in South Africa understand it very well. They highlight their facial features using a combination of vibrant colours. This reflects their playful personality. Women prefer using dark shades of lipstick and gloss. They either like their hair long and braided or cut them stylishly short. Many women also wear colourful scarves around their hair. It’s their way of brightening up the day! 

SouthAfrican MakeUp
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