Lights! Camera! Action!

Love never-ending action and drama? Do you enjoy watching movies that have you on the edge of your seat? Take a trip down memory lane with these minimal posters of some of the most epic Hollywood action movies ever!

1. Visitors from another planet

A frightened crew, an extra-terrestrial killing machine and a great plot instantly makes Aliens a legendary movie.


2. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

The coming of an alien threat bandied together a bunch of individuals who, when they come together, are more than the sum of their parts. Marvel Studio’s Avengers is one of the most iconic action movies all of time.

3. Madness is like gravity

Before its release, the team around The Dark Knight series was rocked by news of the death of Heath Ledger – the man who portrayed The Joker in the Batman-feature film. Today, the movie is considered among the best about the ‘World’s Greatest Detective’.

Dark Knight
4. Yippi-Ki-Kay!!

With Bruce Willis portraying John McClane, Die Hard remains one of the best action movies ever. A breathless plot, brilliant direction and Willis’ ability to be a BAMF made this an instant inclusion in the best action movies ever made list.


Die Hard
5. I live life, quarter mile at a time

The story of Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto has become a franchise of epic proportions. But it all started with a gang of street racers who hated finishing second. The Fast & The Furious is still one of the best racing movies ever made!

Fast and Furious
6. Take ‘em to church

The journey of Tony Stark’s Iron Man reached its zenith with Iron Man 3. A movie rooted deeply in the modern world’s scourge of terrorism without borders, Iron Man 3 gave us goosebumps every time we revisit it!

7. They didn’t stop to think whether they should

Most 90s kids had a childhood full of dinosaur toys and Jurassic Park was the primary reason for this. By miles one of the best movies to come out that year, to this day the franchise survives and evolves, gaining momentum even today.

Jurassic Park
8. We have unfinished business

A movie about a vengeful Bride, dressed in yellow and carrying a katana sharper than her dialogues, Kill Bill is one of Quentin Tarantino’s best efforts ever. An unforgettable feature film that we can watch over and over again!

Kill Bill
9. Luke, I am your father

A movie that spawned generations of fans, off-shoot movies and animated series – Star Wars remains one of the most instantaneously recongisable movies of all time! And who could forget that iconic Darth Vader dialogue?

Star Wars
10. I’ll be back!

Catapulting Arnold Schwarzenegger into the stratosphere of stardom, the Terminator series of movies was set in an alternate future where SkyNet – an artificial intelligence, started acting in its own interests.

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