Legendary weapons that every true warrior like Wonder Woman should have

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest warriors who became a superhero. She fights for truth and justice and cares for all those around her. Here are the weapons that make her a force to be reckoned with.

1.The Godkiller Sword – They say only the mightiest of warriors can wield this sword, and Wonder Woman is the mightiest of them all. A gift from the Gods, this sword is the Amazonian’s most prized possession.
2.Amazon Bracelets – These unbreakable bracelets were forged with magic, capable of deflecting anything from bullets to lightning.
3.Lasso Of Truth – Once a person is bound in the lasso of truth, it is impossible for them to lie. No person has ever escaped its grip.
4.Amazonian Bow & Arrow – With years of training in archery, there are few outside of the Amazons who are as skilled in using the bow and arrow.
5.Courage – Of the many weapons Wonder Woman possesses, perhaps most notable would be her courage. This courage drives her forward in a world gone bad.


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