Lathmaar Holi- Celebrating the friendship in relationships

Read on to see the smiles and fun I found on the bustling streets of UP and saw a unique celebration where everyone was everyone’s friend and the world seemed like one big happy family.

1. I was first a little confused to see men walking on the streets with wooden shields. Living in a country that has thousands of different celebrations, I initially thought it must be some kind of a ritual here.
2. As I moved on and continued walking, I saw an even peculiar visual—women walking around with wooden sticks.
3. Upon asking a few people in the streets, I found out they’re celebrating something called as ‘Lathmaar Holi’ a festival where women beat men with sticks; and that instantly made me go ‘WOW’.
4. In between the sound of the laathis hitting the shields, I could hear the people giggling and people laughing out loud. Not for one moment was their even a hint of hostility in the air, it was all in the spirit of the festival.
5. Following the Lathmaar Holi on streets, I saw a very contrasting Holi at the Radha temple. The air was full with the shades of Gulaal and all my ears could hear was the holy chants.
6. My Holi was brilliant because I was surrounded by people who were blissfully immersed in the spirit of the season.