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 Stories stem from realities and while some stories are far simpler than how they are portrayed there are also those that can give a well-written script a run for its money. These stories, that are etched in time, have now become legends. Let’s take a look at some of the most marvelous stories that have resonated throughout centuries. 

1. Kuldhara

Kuldhara is or at least whatever remains of it was a village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Established in the 13th century, it sits deserted since 1825. It has achieved the status of being called a ghost village. Why? Because as per a legend, the cruel King of the village had an eye for the chief’s daughter and threatened the villagers with heavy taxes if they didn’t let him marry her. Seeing how they had no other choice, the villagers abandoned the village one night but not before cursing it.

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2. Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach in Gujarat is one of the top contenders for most haunted places in India. It was once a burial ground and is now home to spirits that never left for the hereafter. Many people have been reported missing after reportedly spending a night at the beach while others claim to have witnessed strange apparitions, orbs of light, and even heard strange whispers. The beach has black sand which according to one folklore is due to the mixing of ashes with the white sand over the years. 

Dumas Beach
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3. Ramoji Film Studio

Ramoji Film Studio has seen numerous reports of people having experienced strange phenomenons like lights falling off on their own, people getting pushed by some invisible force, food getting scattered, clothes of women mysteriously getting torn, and strange marks appearing on mirrors. Many believe the place where the studio stands to be a place of war during the Nizam rule and that it is being haunted by dead soldiers.

Ramoji Film Studio
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4. South Park Cemetery

South Park Cemetery in Kolkata is a place where people have reported seeing apparitions. Built-in 1767, it still gets regular visits from many who come to pay their respect to the dead while others come to catch a glimpse of them. The cemetery has graves of many British soldiers. There have been numerous reports of people feeling dizzy or uneasy after visiting the place. A group of friends visited the cemetery and one of them caught a strange shadow of a girl outlined in white on camera, the same person reported getting an asthma attack despite being healthy.

South Park Cemetery
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5. Mukesh Mills

Mukesh Mills in Mumbai was established by the East India Company during the British rule. There was a fire outbreak in 1982 that caused the shutdown of the mill. Since then it was used for shooting Bollywood movies but many unexplained incidents later, no actor or director wants to shoot at the location. There have been reports of people getting possessed here.

Mukesh Mills
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6. Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van is a forest area in Delhi. It is famous for sightings of a woman clad in white saree near the cremation ground who disappears and appears within seconds. It is believed to be the spirit of someone who hung herself from a peepal tree. People have even claimed seeing her sitting atop the tree while many even claim to have witnessed the visuals of her suicide. 

Sanjay Van
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7. Shaniwarwada Fort

Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. It is believed that paranormal activities are at its highest during a full moon. As per stories, a 13-year-old Prince, Narayanrao, was murdered here and his body was dismembered and ditched into a river. According to Hindu customs, an individual’s cremation needs to be done as per rituals otherwise their spirit remains trapped in the place of their death. Since the prince’s body was not cremated as per rituals, his tortured soul remains within the fort and cries for help. 

Shaniwarwada Fort
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8. Bhangarh Fort

Easily one of the most haunted places in India, entry into the Bhangarh Fort is restricted after sunset by the government. There are many stories linked to its dark past. One such story claims that a dark magician fell in love with the princess and cast a spell on one of her cosmetic products to make her reciprocate his love. On becoming suspicious of the magician’s act, the princess threw the product on a huge boulder. Affected by the dark magic, the boulder crushed the magician. His own magic became the cause of his death. Before he breathed his last breath, the magician cursed the entire town. The place has been believed to be haunted ever since. 

Bhangarh Fort
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