Why Kikis Delivery Service is our top pick to watch this Childrens Day

Children’s movies come in all shapes and sizes. There are movies about princesses meeting their Prince Charmings and living happily ever after, there are films about daredevil children saving the world and then there are those such as Kiki’s Delivery Service – a lovely, unassuming, timeless tale. Here’s why your kid must catch this Japanese flick this November 14th.

1.For Kiki and Jiji

The story of Kiki, a strong, independent thirteen-year-old setting out to conquer the world will inspire many a young mind, especially that of little girls. The fine line she walks between overconfidence and insecurity as a part of growing up is so relatable. Meanwhile her pet cat Jiji’s witty comebacks and sarcastic humour is sure to have you and your kids in splits.

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2. For wizardry that predates Harry Potter

Kiki’s Delivery Service talked about magic and flying brooms long before J K Rowling made them fashionable. This sweet story about a teenage witch debunked the Brothers Grimm myth that witches are evil.

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3.It feels good

Who doesn’t love movies that make you feel all warm and gooey inside? This beautiful film of a young, misunderstood witch who saves the day is the perfect movie not just for children, but for the whole family. It is one of those classics that you should own on Blu-ray, so you can go back to it again and again.

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4. For its subtle messages

Kiki’s Delivery Service has several beautiful and subtle messages for its attentive young audiences. Sample these: “We each need to find our own inspiration Kiki, sometimes it’s not easy.” and “It’s not really important what color your dress is. What matters is the heart inside.” Watch it for these hidden gems.

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5.For Hayao Miyazaki

And finally, if not for any other reason, watch it for the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, arguably the best animation filmmaker in history. The man has been raking in film awards for nearly four decades. But that’s not why your child should watch his film. Miyazaki’s movies are known to promote themes like feminism, non-violence and environmentalism – ideas that impressionable young minds in this day and age truly need.

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