‘Khaane mein kya hai?’ presents a deep message in a spicy recipe!

Khaane mein kya hai? is a pun-ny story about a mother-daughter duo discussing their sex lives. What makes it interesting is the fact that they talk about it without even using the term ‘sex’. Nor do they cross their so-called line of morality. Their dialogues are loaded with food puns. The way they spice up their simple conversation makes this film a delightful treat. 

There are too many high points in this short film of about nine minutes. One can go on appreciating it for longer than the duration of the film itself! To begin with, the concept is fresh and relatable. The actors – Ayesha Raza Mishra, Shikha Talsania and Swachata Guha – are in the kitchen, discussing sex. But there’s a lot more cooking. Khaane mein kya hai? has a very important message hidden. It subtly touches upon a deep-rooted issue. Most women do not have a say in bed. The mother (Ayesha) explains her situation very well by saying that the “husband decides the entire menu”. It’s the daughter who makes her realise that this should not be the case. After all, why should men have all the fun? 

Short Film 'Khaney Mein Kya Hai?'
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Khaane mein kya hai? stands out specially for its innovative writing. This short film is written and directed by Akanksha Seda. She has worked on many successful short films and mini-series in the past. The dialogues and the acting in this film are bang on! And most importantly, the story has a great impact. As a society, we’re still hesitant in discussing such topics openly. More so with a parent. But Shikha, as the newly-wed daughter, overcomes this barrier. The way she describes her ‘act’ makes our imaginations go wild. Her comfort in discussing her bedroom secrets would make the conformist audience errrr...uncomfortable, maybe. The ladies discuss the topic in analogies. Yet, they convey the message clearly and leave the viewers thinking. All in all, it is an impactful short film which is high on feminism!