Karna Hi Padega Sir- Mission Mangal Memes to Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Published on 26th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

It’s an absolute meme fest on Mars, as the trailer of Akshay Kumar starrer “Mission Mangal” shows beautiful glimpses of emotions and the passion of the team from ISRO. But, as always, the Internet has got no chill as they are tripping over these hilarious memes of the movie and we wanted to share a few of them with you!

ESR: Examination social responsibility

Mission Mangal memes
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Twitter: @i_Am_grooT3

Me: Delete this WhatsApp group for Goa right now! (Cue sad music here)

Mission Mangal hillarious memes
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Twitter: @frozen_parantha

Engineering karlo, bohat scope hai!

Akshay Kumar's 'Mission Mangal' Meme
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Twitter: @theNitinWalke

General: Pension, what’s that?

Mission Mangal trailer meme
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Twitter: @ooobhaishab

Meet the real ‘Khilaadi’!

Memes From Mission Mangal
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Twitter: @OhNoParth

Bollywood Strategy: ctrl+c and ctrl+v

Hilarious meme of Akshay Kumar's Mission Mangal
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Twitter: @AjeebPrani

Strugglers: 0 Karan Johar: 1

Hilarious meme of Mission Mangal
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Twitter: @theNItinWalke

Your Uber driver just cancelled the trip.

Memes on Mission Mangal's Trailer
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Twitter: @sadhvinarula

Let’s just not Tok about it!

Mission Mangal Trailer Memes
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Twitter : @DhawaLgajra

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