Kapil, the Dev who got the 1st World Cup home

We still remember the day when Kapil Dev lifted the 1st ever World Cup that India won in 1983 at the Lord’s Cricket ground. Dev made his cricket debut in 1978 when he was only 19 years old. He is known as the greatest all-rounder of all time. Let’s look at his legendary journey here: 

It was 25th June 1983 when India was one of the finalists playing against West Indies, when India won the tournament. It was Kapil Dev who was heading the team then.

India Won 1983 Cricket World Cup
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The entire nation was celebrating when the ‘Haryana Hurricane’ led the team with grace and got the World Cup home. It was Kapil who changed the way the nation and indeed the world, looked at cricket and the players.

Haryana Hurricane
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Starting his career with a test match, Kapil Dev played about 131 test matches in 16 years, taking 434 wickets.

Kapil Dev First Test Match
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After almost 6 years, the West Indies fast bowler Courtney Walsh managed to outperform and take the spot of Dev. Kapil is now 7th on the list of ‘Most Test Wickets Taken’.

Courtney Walsh
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His aggression towards winning would scare anyone on the field. He is an ultimate game-changer when it comes to batting. He would also reach any spot possible, chasing the ball on the field. Hence the name ‘Haryana Hurricane’.

Kapil Dev Bowling
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One of the examples of his unbeaten performance is the match of 1983 against Zimbabwe when India was stumbling to get into the semi-finals. That’s when Kapil stepped up and scored a whopping 175 off 138 balls with 16 boundaries and 6 sixes. 

Kapil Dev Batting
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In one of the interviews, even Sunil Gavaskar said, "When you had lost half of your side with less than 20 runs on the board, obviously it was not looking good. But this gentleman (Kapil Dev) went out and played his innings. Best innings I had seen in limited overs international."

Kapil Dev Interview
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After that match, India surpassed Australia and England to reach the finale, beating the West Indies and bringing the World Cup home. After India’s victory in the World Cup, Kapil Dev’s name was drafted into the Legends Club 'Hall of Fame' in the presence of former India captains Ajit Wadekar, Gavaskar and Nari Contractor at the Cricket Club of India.

Kapil Dev entered into Hall of Fame
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Accepting the honour Kapil said, "There is nobody in this country who do not want to be Sunil Gavaskar. A lot of people will come in, but this name (Sunil) will remain on the top. We had a passion for the game and were not looking for rewards and awards, anything. At that time we had so much passion. With our success, if people get happiness, you feel proud about it”.

Sunil Gavaskar's Speech about Kapil Dev
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