Kalki Koechlin: The versatile and futuristic face of acting.

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Kalki Koechlin is one of the most versatile artists that Bollywood has seen in recent years. Kalki Koechlin movies are proof of this. She is an actor, playwright, producer, and a poet. She is also a philanthropist and a staunch supporter of women’s rights. These are just some of the faces of the multi-faceted Kalki Koechlin. As she rings in her 36th birthday, we bring to you a list of talents and hobbies of Kalki that makes her the versatile person that she is.

1. Theatre

From a very early age Kalki has been drawn to theatre. She has studied drama and theatre from London. Even after she started appearing in mainstream Bollywood films, she has continued appearing in theatrical productions. Not only does she act, but she also writes and produces stage plays. She owns a theatre production company called Little Productions. Being a playwright, she is also known to star in her productions. Over the years, her performances have been lauded in plays like Skeleton Woman, Color Bling, Trivial Disasters, Hair, and many more. She made her directorial debut with the play Living Room.

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2. Poetry

Just like theatre, Kalki has been writing poetry since her childhood. She uses her poetry to address social issues like crimes against women and other women’s issues. For her contributions to bringing attention towards women’s issues, she has received a letter of appreciation from Melinda Gates. Apart from feminism and social issues, she has recited poems focusing on consumerism, and contemporary society.

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3. Philanthropy and Activism

As a feminist, Kalki, extensively campaigns for gender equality. She has voiced her support for the issue of gender pay-gap and also wrote an article addressing the issue in Forbes. Kalki also regularly endorses initiatives and campaigns by various brands and NGOs that aim to spread awareness about conservation of environment and animal rights. She has also continued to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ community. To show her support, she has even featured on the cover of Bombay Dost which is India’s first gay magazine. Among other issues, Kalki works relentlessly to spread awareness about healthy lifestyle, children’s education in rural areas, and child sexual abuse.

Philanthropy and Activism
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4. Documentaries

Kalki has appeared in a handful of documentaries till date. One of these is Freedom Matters, a documentary made with an aim to spread awareness about human trafficking. Her latest documentary is Azmaish: A Journey Through the Subcontinent. In it, she, along with a co-star travels to various parts of India and Pakistan, meet and interview citizens and politicians while exploring the complex relations between the two nations. 

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