It’s time to change your cable TV provider. We define it why!

Published on 21st Sep 2018 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

What’s the similarity between a transistor radio and cable TV? They both belong to your grandpa’s generation (you know what we mean, right?). So, if you are holding on to a cable TV connection for its nostalgic value, God bless you. Otherwise, it’s time to step into the future of TV entertainment with Tata Sky DTH. And here’s why:

1.Seeing is believing

You bought an HD TV looking at those brochures with bright, vivid pictures, but the performance on your home ground was quite disappointing. Because your cable TV connection only supports analogue signal. It’s time to go truly digital with TataSky DTH. Click here to get a new connection. 

2.Music to your ears, literally

Ever wondered why “Beat pe Booty” song sounds like it’s missing some beats? Your cable connection with mono sound system is the culprit. Switch to DTH for full stereophonic sound effects.

3.Go far and beyond

So, you want to explore the world? Walk deep into a forest, climb a mountain or go on a desert safari? Sorry, your cable TV won’t give you company. Thankfully with TataSky DTH, there are no lengthy cables attached as it gets signal directly from the satellite. We will follow you, wherever you go.

4.Higher IQ

Your cable TV connection’s IQ (that’s Interactive Quotient) is a couple of notches above the rock outside your house… No wonder people used to call TV an idiot box! Tata Sky DTH offers you interactive services, movie-on-demand, and lot more – increasing your IQ in the process! Get it installed now. Click here 

5.Channel surfing, like never before

Forget surfing through the same channels, again and again. With more than 600 channels, your finger won’t get any rest.  The number of genres it offers lets you surf channels based on your mood – and BTW, you get access to maximum number of HD channels too.

6.Taste the freedom

It’s been almost 70 years since we got independence. But some people are still bound to cable TV, paying for channels which they never watch. With Tata Sky, you have the freedom to choose the channels you want to watch. So, create a pack that suits your viewing habits and get going!

7.Watch on-the-go

If you have cable TV, you can forget about staying up to date with your favourite shows while on the move. But with Tata Sky, you can access your Tata Sky connection from your mobile or tablet via the Tata Sky app. Just login, and watch away!

8.Home away from home

Staying connected to our roots is a big part of who we are, and keeping up with regional news and shows is one way of doing it. This is where Tata Sky shines – it gives you access to the maximum number of regional channels, whereas cable TV let you see only a few.

9.Get, set, record

Your favourite show is about to start, and you are stuck in traffic? Forget about it if you have cable TV, but Tata Sky lets you record the show with your mobile app or via, and catch up on the action in leisure.

10.Latest movies, at your fingertips

When there’s nothing good to watch on any channel, you are forced to switch off your cable TV and take a nap. Tata Sky, however, has Showcase, which makes a wide range of movies and exclusive shows available to you at all times. Get it done with us here 

11.Navigate with ease

Tata Sky lets you cruise through your menu, the way you want it. With Tata Sky, you can choose Hindi or English as your menu language. Now see your favourite programme listings in the language you prefer and handle your remote like a pro!

12.Cut right to the favourites

Start binge-watching with a quick glance of your favourite channels – with Tata Sky shortcuts. Just set the channels and stay on top of latest scores, news, music, and more. What’s more, you can change them as and when you need.

13.Holiday for you and your DTH

Tata Sky’s once in 365 Days offer lets you pause your DTH connection for a limited period of 5-90 days in a year. If you are not using your connection, you should not be paying for it!

14.Manage from the couch

With Tata Sky, you don’t have to break your head to add a pack, change plans, or raise a ticket; you can do it all online! Recharge your account, register service requests, or track them through, Tata Sky app, or via chat on Tata Sky Facebook page.

15.911 for your DTH connection

Getting prompt service is a big headache when it comes to cable TV. But Tata Sky’s 24X7 customer service is there to help you if you’re facing difficulties with recharging, connectivity or any other issue. No more waiting for cablewala bhaiyya!

16.Say goodbye to movie theatres

We like watching new movies with family and friends, but maddening traffic and overpriced tickets derail every plan. While cable TV hangs you dry in this case, Tata Sky’s latest movie Showcase lets you order latest blockbusters and watch it, while relaxing on your couch. Take maximum advantage of the service. Click here to start demanding

17.Turn your living room into a classroom

All you can do with cable TV is surf mindlessly, but Tata Sky can help you do a lot more. Its services convert your TV into an all-in-one university! You can learn English, maths, science, cooking, dancing, acting… the list goes on and on!

18.Favourite programs won’t get missed

Sometimes we miss our favourite show even if we’re watching TV, because it is easy to lose track of time! Cable TV doesn’t help you in this case, but Tata Sky lets you set a reminder, and automatically switches to that channel.

19.‘Kahaani...’ in living room, sports in another

Fighting for remote is common with cable TV, and it always ends with someone getting upset. Tata Sky’s multi-TV option puts an end to this in a cost effective way. Just book an add-on connection to your existing Tata Sky account and enjoy the same pack on different TVs! To book the add-on service Click here

20.Sorted for your viewing pleasure

Who remembers channel numbers anymore? Cable TV thinks you do – that’s why it’s genre groupings are so random. Tata Sky, though, gives you an industry-best navigation menu that neatly classifies all the channels – music, news, Hindi movies, English movies, sports, and so on. Also, you can add your most watched channels to favourite for quick and easy access.

21.Mind your language

The joy of watching programs in a language we understand is unparalleled, and Tata Sky lets you do that with every channel that offers this function. Also, you get access to the highest number of regional language channels with Tata Sky – so that you are never far away from the language you grew up listening to, no matter which part of India you are in. What’s more, you can change the menu language to a regional one – so that even those who are not comfortable in English can access various programs and features offered by Tata Sky. Now that’s something your age-old cable can’t match! So ditch your cable TV today and get going with TataSky. Click here to subscribe


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