An Inspiration to Millions - How Vikram keeps upping his acting game!

Published on 30th Oct 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Speak of versatility while also delivering a consistently brilliant performance and only one name pops into our heads! Yes, it is Vikram. For more than two decades now, Vikram has been entertaining his audience and charming us all with his impeccable roles and his unique selection of films. Chiyaan Vikram is also an inspiration to millions, making us all love him even more. Let's have a look at his unique selection of roles:

Since Vikram has been experimenting with his various roles a lot, he is known as the ‘Christian Bale of Tamil cinema.’

Tollywood Movie Actor Vikram
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Vikram has till date, worked in more than 50 films, his first one being En Kadhal Kanmani. Vikram only attained fame after his film Anniyan where he played the role of a person with multiple personality disorder. 

Aparichit' Star Vikram
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After 10 years of struggle, Vikram finally landed a role that actually gave him fame. In 2015, he signed Shankar’s I that made him come out as the most challenging actor of all times. He worked on the role for 4 years in order to fit into the various looks that the film demanded. 

Chiyaan Vikram
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“I beefed up first like really became muscular and then became like a model like really fit, after that I had to be really scrawny,” says Vikram when asked about his character in the film I. 

Actor Vikram
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The film Sethu was the one that brought him up as a tough competition for all the other guys out there. In the film, Vikram had to look tanned, hence he decided to sunbathe for several hours a day so he could fit the character of the film. 

Sethu Tamil Movie
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The National Award winner Vikram who played the role of a mute in the film Pithamagan had to stay quiet for the entire film. After Sethu, Vikram was promised another film by the director, the result of which was Pithamagan. 

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Deiva Thirumagal is also the film that gave him yet another strong character to portray on screen. The film is about a young individual who is mentally challenged and has the maturity of a six-year-old. The film as always received a rousing response in theatres! 

Deiva Thirumagal's Actor Vikram
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