Indian Super League teams to watch out for in 2020

Published on 23rd Dec 2019 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Indian Super League that started its operations in 2014, has completed 5 seasons and is now in its sixth season. That's a huge milestone for Indian football! During these five years, we’ve witnessed some of the best wins and heartbreaking losses, there has also been a constant reshuffling among the teams and the players. With the current teams and players, there's a lot to watch out for.

So, here's a list of ISL teams you should watch out for in the upcoming season -

1. Bengaluru FC

They're the reigning champions so it only makes sense to kick off this list with them. Up until their match with Mumbai City FC, they had a perfect record this season. Nevertheless, they stand third in the rankings and have 13 points to their name, which is still a perfectly acceptable score. Bengaluru FC rarely lets opponents have a crack at their goal. While the defense is their strong suit, they lack the same in their attack. Out of 8 matches, they have only managed to score more than one goal in 2 matches. Let’s see what the future holds for the Bengal Tigers.

Bengaluru FC
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ATK FC were leading the points table until their defeat at the hands of FC Goa, who displaced ATK to take the top spot. With 14 points, they are sitting in second place which is still pretty good to keep them in the game. Out of the 8 matches they've played so far, they've won 4 and drawn 2, which, if continued, seems promising enough to make them one of the four teams that will qualify for playoffs.

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3. FC Goa

FC Goa weren't a dominant team until the new season of ISL commenced back in October. With a few draws and a couple of wins to their name, they were sitting in the middle of the scoreboard. But the last two matches have really proved to be game changers for FC Goa when they showed their ‘A’ game in the previous two matches. They jumped from being fifth to being first on the scoreboard. With only one loss, they have truly become a force to be reckoned with this season. 

FC Goa
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4. Jamshedpur FC

They're closely tailing behind Bengaluru FC in the rankings. Chasing Bengaluru FC with the same amount of points, Jamshedpur FC is on the fourth spot on the points table. However, they have a strong fighting spirit and the potential to rise up to up to the top. This season, Jamshedpur FC has a strong set of substitutes who've helped them secure points during crucial matches and to gain a lead on numerous occasions.

Jamshedpur FC
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