Indian Hockey Teams are on their way for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Published on 05th Nov 2019 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Recently, the Indian women's hockey team mauled USA (6-5) while the men edged out Russia (11-3) to book the ‘Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ berth. The glorious spell of the Indian Hockey teams has given us a ray of hope for the upcoming Olympics. 

1. Both Indian hockey teams would be seen in Olympics 2020

Despite losing 1-4 in the second leg of the FIH Qualifier, the Indian hockey women’s team made it to the Olympics as they piped USA 6-5 on aggregate. Qualifying wasn’t as easy as it looks, Skipper Rani Rampal's 48th minute strike secured the Tokyo Olympics berth for the Indian women's hockey team.

Following the lead, Indian hockey men’s team also qualified for the Tokyo games, after beating Russia 11-3 on aggregate. The Indian men, ranked fifth in the world, had earlier defeated world number 22 Russia 4-2 in the first-leg. 

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2. History

From 1928 to 1980, Indian Hockey men’s team has won over 11 Olympic medals. 

Indian hockey women’s team had last qualified for Rio de Janeiro. After a gap of 36 years, they have qualified for back-to-back Olympics. 

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3. Global recognition

We all grew up believing Hockey was the national sport of India. However, the Sports Ministry of India declared that it isn’t our national sport. After the defeat in 1982 Asian games, the number of wins by the Indian Hockey team collapsed and gave birth to its downfall. But this year, with the number of feathers in our cap, we are hoping to see the comeback of this beloved sport in India and finally regaining the global recognition it deserves. 

With the golden news of both the Indian Hockey teams qualifying for the Olympics, we hope that they regain the global recognition that they deserve.

Global recognition
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