India on the floor - A celebration of dance styles and the choreographers who broke new ground!

Bollywood is blessed with so many dancers and choreographers who keep creating unique moves and astonishing co-ordination unheard of before! And with these exotic dance moves and songs come cool choreographers who have been behind the scenes, ensuring everything goes to plan. Here are a few choreographers of India who introduced new dance forms to us and made their mark on the industry right from Day 1.

1. Shiamak Davar

Known to be the first one to bring contemporary jazz and other western dance forms to India, Shiamak Davar today is one of the most reputed and recognized Indian choreographers of all time. He has spearheaded a change in dance style, overseeing many a performance during movies and even LIVE!

Shiamak Davar
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2. Remo D'Souza


Best known for his Hip-Hop and his Locking and Popping dance forms, Remo D’Souza is amongst the most famous personalities of the industry right now. He has made stars like Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit dance to his moves and has even judged certain dance reality shows on TV!

Remo D'Souza
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3. Terence Lewis

Terence Lewis is skilled in contemporary dance and also classically trained in jazz and ballet. A pioneer of some amazing performances, he has been a dance reality show and also owns the ‘Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company’. A film based on his life is being made and will be releasing sometime soon too.

Terence Lewis
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4. Prabhu Deva

The world knows him as ‘India’s Michael Jackson,’  Prabhu Deva is the ultimate example of perfection. Known for his high energy dance performances and his out of the world choreography, he is among the greatest Indians to grace Bollywood with his talent!

Prabhu Deva
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5. Farah Khan

After choreographing for more than 90 films, Farah today is considered as one of the most renowned personalities in the dancing industry. Along with Vaibhavi Merchant and other Bollywood experts, Farah has set a different benchmark for all the other dancers out there. Recently, she also has choreographed the dance moves for Jackie Chan in his Indo Chinese film.

Farah Khan
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6. Ganesh Acharya

Winner of the National Film Award for best choreography, Ganesh Acharya is the one who has set a distinct criterion for Bollywood dance moves. He has choreographed a lot of films and has been a constant hero for a lot of performers. 

Indian choreographer Ganesh Acharya
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7. Saroj Khan

Saroj Khan is perhaps the greatest inspiration to young artists looking to enter Bollywood. Guru to a lot of young choreographers and a veteran of over 2000 films, she also holds a National Film Award for best choreography.

Saroj Khan
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8. Geeta Kapoor

At the age of 15, Geeta Kapoor started her career as an assistant. Known today as Geeta Ma,  she has worked with Farah Khan for many years and is an expert in western and classical dance. Her hand gestures, body postures, and expressions are so sharp that it makes her the greatest inspiration of all the freshers who she judges in the various reality shows that she's been a part of.

Geeta Kapoor
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