Incredible Iftar – A guide to the best food to celebrate Ramadan

All over India, Ramadan is observed by thousands of devout people. As the ‘rozaa’ is broken with traditional, succulent dates and water – here is a look at the mouthwatering spread on offer during the iftar.

1. Flavour in the capital – with a capital ‘F’

When it comes to food – Delhi seems to be a haven for meat lovers. During the holy month of Ramadan, thousands throng the lanes around the iconic Jama Masjid. But, once the rozaa lifts, the feast begins at Matia Mahal – where mutton stew and a sweet and sour curry known as Chicken Jahangiri await. Lip-smacking, affordable and filling – the flavour is turned up by the sensory experience of eating on the street.

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2. Good food and Gujarat go hand in hand

When one thinks of Gujarat, one is instantly capitvated by the snacks that are on offer. However, Gujarat can fill you up with more than just multiple varieties of chivdas. In Jamalpur, Sheetal Ice Cream is an icon that has been serving falooda that makes people break diets and promises to stay off sugar to their loved ones!

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3. Halwa Parantha near Hazratbal

In the lanes outside the revered Hazratbal shrine in Srinagar, iftar begins with the mouthwatering combination of savoury and sweet – halwa parantha. The bread is deep fried, the halwa is all about that sugary kick and this is surely one that will need loose pants if you want to eat more than one plate!

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4. Firni and Paaya – Mohammed Ali Road

No mention of iftar and Ramadan street food is complete without popping into Mumbai. The iconic Mohammed Ali Road is home to two legendary institutions – Suleiman Usman – famous for their firni and Baara Handi Paaywala – who makes the most succulent, mutton-based soup that is slowcooked for hours.

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5. Lucknowi Lanes with lines for doodh pheni

Lucknow is an old city with a lazy start during the Ramadan months, but once the light fades, the bustle begins. Akbari Gate is a spot where the doodh pheni – a sinful delicacy that needs to be eaten to be described. Simply mindblowing food abounds everywhere in Lucknow.

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