If you loved Beauty and The Beast, guess these memorable characters!

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

True Beauty and the Beast fans will enjoy this one. What are the names of these lovable characters from this enchanting movie?

1. The most loving among the lot, but the Enchantress’s spell has turned her into a teapot! Guess her name.

2. Kind hearted but rebellious, the candelabra desperately wants the spell to break! Can you guess his name?

3. Time’s ticking away and the spell is getting stronger. Guess this character’s name before the enchanted rose weakens.

4. The spell has turned her from an Opera singer to an enchanted wardrobe. Break the spell by guessing her human name.

5. The Enchantress’ spell has turned her into a feather duster! Return her back to her human form by guessing her human name to #SaveTheBeast!

6. Daughter of the inventor – Maurice, she’s the only one who can break the spell! With the rose complete just guess her name to #SaveTheBeast.

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