Iconic India Vs Pakistan cricket moments that we’d never forget

Talking about cricket, without a doubt we can say that the most epic moments in the history of Indian cricket is when the team is competing with our beloved neighbour Pakistan. We eagerly wait for a match between the two teams so we get a reason to take an off from our work/college just to enjoy the match with our family and friends. Here are the most epic moments of the India Vs Pakistan match from the past.

1. The moment when Javed Miandad mimics Kiran More in our 1992 world cup in Sydney



It was when Pakistani batsman ‘Javed Miandad’ jumped up in the air in front of Kiran More, our wicketkeeper then. Unable to tolerate such a behaviour by the Indian Wicketkeeper, both of them eventually had a heated conversation. Experts till date laugh over at this incident

The moment when Javed Miandad mimics Kiran More in our 1992 world cup in Sydney
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2. When Sachin Tendulkar scored a whooping 136


The opponents gave India a target of 271 runs did not sit back to lose here. He took charge after the team was struggling as it collapsed to 82/5. Though he was not prepared for this score he went on to stick around with Nayan Mongia.

When Sachin Tendulkar scored a whooping 136
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3. The perfect match


India needed 100 runs even after Sachin scoring 98 runs at the Centurion Park match in 2003. The country was counting on Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh to play the best games of their career. And guess what? They did not disappoint us. Together they made a 99 run partnership without much hiccups. If not, India was face a very embarrassing loss.

Yuvraj Singh
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4. The cool captains 148


Mahendra Singh Dhoni's innings in Visakhapatnam against Pakistan was one of the most entertaining matches ever played. It concluded too fast where Dhoni occasionally played textbook shots scoring a fantasic 148

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's
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5. When India was crowned WT20 World Cup in 2007


The 2007 World Cup started with a India Vs Pakistan and the final match again was between the two teams. In one of the most exciting finale ever, Pakistan required 13 runs out of 6 balls to win the World Cup. Misbah-ul-haq was all set to make his team win when Dhoni decided to place Joginder Sharma to bowl for the final over. But luckily he was announced out when one of the Indian players got a catch when Misbah tried to score a 6. India was then crowned as the first T20 champions.

India was crowned WT20 World Cup in 2007
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