How yoga is revamping India’s image

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Yoga is more than just physical exercise. It has become a way of life. Yoga is known to provide solutions to many of our problems – physical, mental, spiritual, etc. Even experts in the medical field have started recommending that people undertake this transformational journey. Finding its way from the ancient Vedas into the modern day lifestyle, yoga has come a long way. The trend has picked up across ages, communities, and countries. And we can be sure of the fact that this trend is here to stay!

India’s connection with yoga is well known. Indians have got a new reason to feel proud as the popularity of yoga culture grows. People in far flung places have begun associating India with this physical, mental and spiritual practice. Yoga gives a good impression of how Indians are focused on fitness and health practices. Coming from the ‘land of yoga’ is a great feeling to be associated with.
It’s fair to say that promoting yoga at an international level has brought India greater glory. Another thing that the yoga craze has brought to India is increased tourism. Over a dozen yoga destinations have been developed across the country. People around the world are embracing healthier lifestyles by following the traditional path. India has recently emerged as the world’s fastest growing wellness tourism destination – and yoga has a huge role to play in this.
The science behind yoga practices speaks a great deal about the profound knowledge of our ancestors. The scientific approach that they followed is relevant even in today’s day and age. Yoga has been passed on through generations, either as a traditional norm or a cultural phenomenon. It gives us a glimpse into the wisdom that prevailed in times when mankind was still fighting for mere existence (unfortunately, it still does!)
Yoga has also helped boost the Indian economy by creating employment opportunities. Yoga practitioners are being recognised around the world and it’s now a flourishing profession. Yoga experts are not only spreading their knowledge, but also helping others lead a healthier life. The popularity of this ancient practice has opened avenues of work for many people across ages. Yoga is certainly helping India and Indians shine brighter!

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