How to stay fit and hydrated this summer

Summer is a month of umpteen sunshine, blooming sunflowers and unlimited ice creams. While that is the ‘bright’ side, summer is also about soaring temperatures and humidity. It is just April and temperatures are already soaring above 40 degrees. Sunstrokes, dehydration and general exhaustion are common symptoms during this time. Fear not! There are quick hacks for all these troubles. So here’s presenting some dos and don’ts to stay cool this sweltering summer.

To start with, there are many things one can do for a healthy lifestyle irrespective the season. What we all lack is discipline. The one basic thing you must do to stay hydrated is drink 8-10 glasses of water. In summers, stick to fluids over eatables as they tend to induce a feeling of lethargy. Due to the heat and the sweat, one tends to feel exhausted. 

Stay hydrated
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Drinks such as coconut water, lemon juice, milkshakes not only keep you hydrated but rejuvenate you as well.  Also, add mint leaves or sweet basil (sabja seeds) to your drinking water. These are extremely cooling for your body. Choose lighter meal options such as curd rice or roti and a simple vegetable preparation. Eat light, small, frequent meals instead of sumptuous portions. 

Lemon Juice for Summer
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Dealing with the gruelling summer is a lot more than just about your diet. Wear loose, light-coloured cotton clothes. Make sure to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you step out of the house. Also, carry a light scarf/cap/umbrella to cover your head and sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

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Most importantly, don’t forget to put a small water bottle in your bag and a glucose/sugar sachet. Avoid closed shoes unless completely necessary. Wear open footwear, like sandals or slippers, for your feet to breath. Avoid vigorous physical activities. Also, if you exercise regularly, opt to do it in the morning or later during the evening.

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Avoid staying outdoors for long durations. Plan your street shopping for the evening, when it gets a bit cooler. The summer heat affects infants and children severely as well. Babies are more prone to prickly heat rashes than adults. Use talcum powder on your baby and make sure you apply it correctly. Dab it onto your hand away from your baby so that he/she doesn’t inhale it. Then apply it onto the folds of your baby’s skin. Ensure your baby isn’t overdressed and give him/her fluids at regular intervals. Most importantly, make sure your home and the baby’s surroundings are extremely clean. 

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