Historic upsets in the World Cup

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Since 1930, the football World Cup has been a celebration of international soccer. Played every four years, this event often gets dominated by a form team – usually from Europe our South America. However, throughout history, there have been big upsets – where the underdogs took out the favourites and more. Read on to know more!

1. The Maracanazo Debacle

The 1950 World Cup saw Brazil as favourites. The Canarinha were hosting the tournament and made it all the way to the final at the Maracana in Rio De Janeiro. Facing Uruguay, the match went down in history as the most shameful day in Brazil football history – Uruguay won 2-1 in front of nearly 200,000 Brazilian fans and giving birth to the legend of the Maracanazo.

Maracanazo Uruguay defeat Brazil
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2. The Ghost of the Maracana

Nearly 70 years on from the historic defeat by Uruguay, Brazil were once more on the end of a humiliation at the Maracana. Eventual champions Germany would put seven goals past the Brazilians in a performance that upset every Brazilian in the stadium and across the world.

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3. West Germans down the Mighty Magyars

In the modern context, this may not seem such an upset. But back in 1954, with the flying Ferenc Puskas leading the line, Hungary’s Mighty Magyars swept all before them. In the final, the West Germans went 2 goals down inside the opening 10 minutes but rallied to win 3-2. The Hungarian national team was never the same.

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4. Senegal send Les Bleus to rock bottom

In 2002, France came into the World Cup as defending champions. Les Bleus were shocked by Senegal in a match that finished 1-0. The previous winners had never finished bottom of the group before France did in 2002. An upset that resonates to this day.

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5. Not even in the finals

Of all the upset results, perhaps not even making the tournament is something that is even worse for the national squad. The 2018 World Cup sees two traditional powerhouses – Italy and Netherlands – missing from the finals in Russia. Both national teams have ageing squads and a general lack of direction

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