Hi Frands, Memes Dekhlo

Probably the next big explosion after Big Bang, is the explosion of Chai Peelo memes. It all started when Somvati Mahawar, a stay-at-home vlogger shared her love for tea on the internet and urged practically the whole of internet to take a sip of the universe’s best creation: Chai. And Chai lovers across the web shared her videos, made memes and made her ultra famous. Check out some of the most hilarious reactions to her ‘Chai Pelo Frannds’ we found floating on the internet.

1. Well someone spent quite some time to make this hilarious edit using our very favourite Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan.

2. The twerratti, being their quirky best, converted a scene from a comic book into this funny version, showing how obsessed we have really become of this dialogue.
3. As always, Mumbai Police were on top of their game.
4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. lovers, we’re sorry but this is just too funny!
5. Well that is a bit rude. More chai should make up for this!
6. This is by far the most imaginative version of Chai Pe Lo the internet has ever seen! The edits, the music–mad skills!