Here's why the stunning actress Rekha is an eternal fashion icon

She is to Bollywood what Marilyn is to Hollywood -- the glamorous oomph. The charisma queen is turning 65 today, and we still haven’t been able to decode the secret to her timeless beauty  and charm. 
Here’s our attempt to know how Rekha still manages to capture hearts.

1. Ages Backwards

Her name spells beauty, sensuality, talent, and a timeless charismatic appeal. 
She’s ahead of her time in all realms. Bollywood celebs believe that they have grown too old for her now; and that it is difficult keeping up with her. 

Actress Rekha
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2. Breaking the Stereotypes

Her voluptuous and dusky features were not appreciated by the industry initially. However, this iconic enchantress rose to glory with her head straight, bold and bodacious attitude. 

Bollywood Actress Rekha
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3. Empowering Everyone

Apart from being an inspiring actress, Rekha is known for her compassionate and empowering demeanor. Rekha has been a guiding light to many people out there. Her warmth, kindness and love for fellow beings is widely cherished by her fans.

Happy Birthday Actress Rekha
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4. Versatility in Her Blood

From exceptional looks to astounding roles, Rekha always manages to leverage up on her skill of versatility.  

She has managed to capture a million hearts with her divine beauty. Whether she goes for the French look or the classic Indian look, she dons it all with perfection.

Evergreen Actress Rekha
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5. Legendary Iconic Roles

From Umrao Jaan to Panipat, Rekha plays every role with a lehja (style) of her own. She has given us the most iconic characters. One can see her versatile performance in hit movies like Khubsoorat, Ijaazat, Kalyug , Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Khoon Bhari Maang, Namak Haraam , Silsila, etc.  Actors refer to her as the ‘Soul of Cinema’ for her finesse in acting.

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6. Worshipping Her Temple

Rekha firmly believes in taking care of her body, her temple. She practices moderation through her diet and habits. You’d often find her practicing yoga and meditation. The secret of her glowing skin is the hydration skin care routine. She goes for the homemade recipe, be it skin care or gut health. 

Bollywood's Style Diva Rekha
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