Here’s why Rajinikanth is the ultimate 'Thalaiva Thunder'

Rajinikanth started in Tamil cinema while working in the Bangalore Transport Service as a bus conductor and further joined the Madras Film Institute to pursue a diploma in acting. Superstar Rajinikanth rose to become a star actor after playing several roles as an antagonist in his early films. The growth of the star has been phenomenal and one can see his varied performances in and across his 155 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi Cinema. Actor Rajinikanth is honored with the Padma Bhushan (2000) and Padma Vibhushan (2016). Definitely, Tamil Thalaiva has set an unbreakable record. Here are some of his blockbuster movies with noteworthy performances. 

1. Moondru Mudichu (1976)

Superstar Rajinikanth made a mark in the industry with his negative role in 'Moondru Mudichu', directed by his mentor K Balachander. We see him create a divide between two lovers (Sridevi and Kamal Haasan). Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth are shown to be in a close knit bond of room-mates, where Rajinikanth pretends to back Kamal's love. 

Moondru Mudichu (1976)
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2. 16 Vayathinile (1977)

Leaving us all with the spellbound teasing line, 'ithu eppadi irukku?' (How is it?), Rajnikanth played a village rogue called Parattai in the film. 
The film won four state awards with the iconic stars Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth and Sridevi as leads. 

16 Vayathinile (1977)
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3. Robot/ Enthiran (2010)

This is probably the biggest hit of Rajinikanth along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan directed by S. Shankar.
The sci-fi action takes you through the journey of a scientist and his brainchild, a sentient robot. Rajini played both, Chitti and Dr. Vasi, commendably well. 

Robot/ Enthiran (2010)
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4. Bairavi (1978)

The film that gave immense success to Rajini, Bairavi, was the first Tamil film to cast Rajinikanth as the lead along with Sripriya, Geetha, Sreekanth, Manorama and Suruli Rajan in  important roles.
It is because of this movie that Rajini gained the Superstar title. 

Bairavi (1978)
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5. Ninaithale Inikkum (1979)

Directed by K Balachander, in the same way as other well known Rajini films, this too featured Kamal Haasan. Rajni plays the guitarist in a music troupe where Kamal Haasan is the lead vocalist with Jayapradha as the female lead.

Ninaithale Inikkum (1979)
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6. Mullum Malarum (1978)

Rajinikanth won the Best Actor at the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for this film. Moreover, it's said that this one likewise won him an enormous female fan following. He played a winch administrator Kali, who adored his sister and with this film, the skilled entertainer scattered away whatever questions remained about his acting chops.

Mullum Malarum (1978)
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7. Sri Raghavendra (1985)

Having finished 99 motion pictures, Rajinikanth donned the role of a Hindu holy person Raghavendra. In spite of the fact that the presentation of Rajinikanth was highly valued, the film tumbled in the cinematic world because of the way that the fans couldn't acknowledge their star finishing in a tomb. Be that as it may, when Rajini was as of late requested to list his preferred motion pictures, this was on number one. 

Sri Raghavendra (1985)
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8. Bloodstone (1988)

The genius showed up in Bloodstone, by Dwight Little. The riddled experience in the film was created by Ashok Amritraj and Sunanda Murali Manohar. In spite of the fact that the motion picture didn't meet the expectations, it is associated with the star's representation in Hollywood

Bloodstone (1988)
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9. Thalapathi (1991)

The motion picture had Rajinikanth, Mammootty, Shobana ahead of the pack jobs, which was directed by Mani Ratnam. The topic is approximately founded on the companionship amongst Karna and Duryodhana of the Hindu epic Mahabharatha. This Mani Ratnam motion picture justifies itself with staggering exhibitions by Rajini and is an immortal Tamil classic. 

Thalapathi (1991)
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10. Sivaji- The Boss (2007)

This Tamil action drama directed by S. Shankar was spun around the challenges of an Indian Software architect in the pursuit of opening an NGO for students. This won a million hearts as it spoke heavily about the scenarios of corruption and victory against the unscrupulous authority. 

Sivaji- The Boss (2007)
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