Here's how you can be the best version of yourself by learning these Captain Cool traits.

“We are blessed with the best”
His journey from a ticket collector to a worldwide cricket sensation is undoubtedly impressive. We all are a witness of his constant battle of making dreams come true. This is what dreams are made of, here are a few life lessons we all can learn from the 'Magician of Cricket' Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Calm And Composed

Ever felt the need to burst out? That's the time you need to take a deep breath and stay calm. This is one of the most inspiring leadership qualities we've seen Dhoni possess and taught us how  every situation doesn’t need a reaction.

Captain cool M.S. Dhoni
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Follow Your Passion

Passion is what makes you stand out from the rest, it motivates you to be the best version of yourself.  It gives a better insight into the possibilities of winning. Captain Cool's journey from being a ticket collector to  a world-class cricketer, here’s how Dhoni tells us how powerful dreams are and should never be left behind for anything.

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Strive to be a Leader

From being a hardworking individual to leading the Indian cricket  team and winning the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, he has done it all. Ravi Shastri's line after the match "Dhoni finishes off in style” still echoes in our ears , as India got the leader who defined an era of our favourite game!

Magician of Cricket' Mahendra Singh Dhoni
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Take Risks

To achieve something great in life you need to start coming our of your comfort zone and start taking risks. Taking risks not only helps in building up confidence but also strengthens your overall personality. We’ve always seen Captain Cool taking risks regardless of people’s opinions.

Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni
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Supporting Team Members

We have lost count of the number of times Dhoni openly showed support for his team mates. A person cannot grow by pulling others down but by inspiring them to new heights and setting an example!

Captain cool with Yubvraj Singh
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