Hebbet Ramakka : Why this inspiring Kannada political drama is worth a watch

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Kalleshi is a contractor and a political henchman who has aspirations himself.  When he sees an opportunity to climb the political ladder, he grabs it. He even goes to the extent of using Ramakka, his illiterate, naive wife as a pawn. But does his plan work as expected?

Hebbet Ramakka revolves around what happens when a righteous wife refuses to support her husband’s devious ambitions and decides to forge her own path instead. Veteran actors Devaraj (Kalleshi) and Tara Anuradha (Ramakka) are known for their power-packed performances and they don’t disappoint here as well. 

Tara, especially, impresses with her transformation from a demure housewife to a confident politician. If you need just one reason to watch the movie, this is it. It’s clear from the script and filmmaking that Tara has been given a free reign to showcase her versatile acting skills. And she has definitely grabbed it. Not many films can boast of a well-scripted woman protagonist and that is where Hebbet Ramakka scores brownie points.

Hebbet Ramakka
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Hebbet Ramakka revolves around politics and power play, but is entertaining and has a relevant message at the end. Director NR Nanjunde Gowda has chosen a relevant topic and adopted a non-commercial approach towards its filmmaking. For critics, this might translate into not having contemporary treatment in terms of narrative or making, but the movie still works. Hebbet Ramakka strikes a chord with audiences due to its powerful performances and well-written dialogues. 


Hebbet Ramakka went on to win several accolades, the most prestigious being Best Feature Film in Kannada at the 65th National Film Awards. It also won special recognition for Film with the Best Social Cause at the Karnataka Film Awards in 2018. Tara also bagged the Best Actor (Female) award for her role. 

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