The heart of The Beatles – Paul McCartney

From ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’ to ‘Standing There’ and ‘O-Bla-Di’, The Beatles defined a genre of music and gained legend status. Leading from the front was Paul McCartney. Here are some facts about The Beatles lead singer that are relatively unknown!

1. Failure to become choir boy

During his early years, Paul McCartney knew he could sing. But a young McCartney failed his choir boy auditions on purpose – believing his talent deserved a better stage than the Sunday church sermons. This attitude would bode well for the future for the man heralded by many as the world’s most popular singer.

Young Paul McCartney
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2. Frog voice on Beatles Debut

On October 18, 1957 – the Quarrymen (the group that became The Beatles) performed for the first time LIVE. During the gig, Paul McCartney’s nerves made his voice croak, much to the resulting laughter and derision of band-mate John Lennon.

Paul McCartney with John Lennon
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3. The largest solo concert in history

In 1989, Paul McCartney performed a solo concert for a crowd of over 350,000 people in Brazil. It is thought to be the largest ever crowd for a paid concert of all time.

Paul McCartney in concert in Brazil
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4. Honorary Det., NYPD

After performing a charity concert for the victims of 9/11, the New York City Police Department made Paul McCartney an honorary detective. 

Paul McCartney ppcorn
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