Have you heard of these 5 delicious rice recipes?

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Who doesn’t love rice?  It is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world. And why not, given the numerous delicious recipes one can make with it! 

Not surprisingly, we have myriad rice recipes as a result of every region putting in its own spices and flavours. Would you like to know about some of them? Then here you go!

1. Phirni (India)

Let’s start with a sweet dish! Made from ground rice and milk, this North Indian dessert is just too good to miss. Easy to make and delectable to taste, phirni surely satisfies our sweet tooth. 

Phirni (India)
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2. Afghan Rice (Afghanistan)

Rice dishes are the largest part of most meals in Afghanistan. And Kabuli Pulao is the most popular dish here. White rice is cooked with meat and stock, and topped with fried raisins, slivered carrots and pistachios. So many flavours and so much deliciousness!

Afghan Rice (Afghanistan)
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3. Karelian Pasty (Finland)

Cooked rice mixed with butter filled into a flaky rye crust. Yummy! You can also add cooked and mashed potatoes to this. All the yummier! No wonder this is a popular dish in Finland.

Karelian Pasty (Finland)
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4. Tahdig (Iran)

Overcooked crispy rice has a different taste to it, doesn’t it? And you can actually make a dish with it called the tahdig, an Iranian specialty. Add your favourite veggies — carrots, potatoes, etc — to the bottom and crisp them up along with the rice. So easy-peasy!

Tahdig (Iran)
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5. Risalamande (Denmark)

How about we end with a sweet dish too! Rice pudding mixed with whipped cream, vanilla and topped with almonds and cherry sauce. Simple things give great joy and this dish is no different!   

Risalamande (Denmark)
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