Why Havana is the perfect vacation getaway

Located in the heart of an island paradise, Havana is the perfect spot for all you travel lovers and wandering dreamers. Here are some postcards from a local detective, Lt. Conde, bound to spark your wanderlust and make a trip down to Havana.

1. Lush beaches, tropical sunsets and clean waters, what could compare to the romantic setting of Havana. A must for all those travelling couples out there.
2. No vacation spot would be complete without a stroll through the lush tropical jungles located in and around Havana. Perfect for all the nature lovers out there.
3. A city with both charm and atmosphere, Havana is one place where you will never want for anything. The night life and clubbing are a must.
4. The streets of Havana contain the history of Cuba itself. Many a parade and carnival have graced these streets more than once.
5. What vacation would be complete without those leisurely cafes that are located all around Havana. Drop in and you might just pick up on an interesting story from one of the old men there!