Hard core! Try these exercises for stronger abs

With Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani giving us #AbGoals, who wouldn’t want chiselled abs? But a hard core needs hardcore efforts.  And these aren’t just limited to physical fitness. You also need to focus on being mentally fit. After all, physical and mental health goes hand-in-hand. How can we forget the rush of feel-good emotions that we get after a workout! So if you are ready to go that extra mile to build those abs and boost your happiness, follow these exercises.

Always warm up

Never skip your warm-up exercises. They prepare your body for the intensive work out that follows and reduce your chances of getting an injury. You can do neck stretches, side and forward bends, marches and toe taps to begin with. You will observe that your core temperature increases and your breathing becomes deeper.

Warming up
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Circuit training

Circuit training helps in building muscle strength and endurance. A circuit is a series of exercises which are performed immediately one after the other. Once the circuit is complete, you need to start with the first exercise again.


1. Push-ups

Start your workout by doing five push-ups. You can either do push-ups on your toes or by dropping down on your knees. Place your hands exactly below your shoulder and go down slowly. Breathe in while going down and breathe out while coming up. Push-ups activate your entire body and increase your functional strength. They also improve your posture and prevent lower back injuries.

Push-Up Practice
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2. Squats

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and sit back as if you are sitting on a chair to do a squat. Just ensure that your knees don’t bend inwards and are in line with your toes. Inhale when you go down and exhale when you come up. In addition to improving core strength, squats help in toning the legs. They also regulate digestion and improve circulation. 

Squats for Lower-Body Exercise
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3. Sit ups

Next do 15 sit ups. Lie down on your back, bend your knees and place your feet firmly on the ground. Place your hand behind your head and slowly curl up to touch your toes. Breathe in you when go back and exhale when you sit up.  Sit-ups strengthen your core and build your abdominal muscles. They are also effective in burning fat around the belly. 

How to Sit Ups
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4. Jumping jacks

Immediately after sit-ups, do 25 jumping jacks. They are the cardio element in your circuit and keep the heart healthy. They also improve your stamina and strengthen the bones. 

Jumping Jacks Exercise
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