Handpicked movies from around the world to keep you hooked to your seat.

Published on 09th Dec 2020 by BlogBuster Editorial Team

Tata Sky’s new channel ‘World Screen’ brings you stuff never seen before on any Indian Entertainment Medium . Explore cinema that is as gripping as it is moving, stories that carry you into their world of action and drama that leaves an indelible mark on you from start till finish.Before you venture further into this watch-list, be sure to get your popcorn and munchies out. Because once the action starts you’ll be in for an engaging experience unlike any other

1. Operation Chromite -Suspense Level

Inspired by actual events, this South Korean film is taut with intrigue and espionage; a stellar cast along with Hollywood heavyweight, Liam Neeson make Operation Chromite a high-octane, highly enjoyable watch indeed.

2. The Hurt Locker -Nerve-Wracking Tension

Kathryn Bigelow’s masterpiece put 6 Academy Awards and 9 nominations including ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Picture’ in her kitty. And rightly so, as this film wowed everyone with a suspenseful take on the workings of a US Army bomb squad.

3. The Taking of Tiger Mountain -Unstoppable action

Breathtaking storytelling makes this Chinese film a favourite for ‘Movie Nights’ all around the world. A legendary battle, a lone hero and a spectacular background add to the mix of blockbuster ingredients making ‘The Taking of Tiger Mountain’ a classic action film to be enjoyed through the ages.

4. The Admiral:Roaring Currents -Against all odds

This Korean film takes one of the greatest naval battles revered in Korean history as inspiration. It is a story of the underdogs winning despite all bets beings against them, due to the sheer charisma and force of their leader- The Admiral.

5. Shinjuku Incident – One Man Army

Steering clear from his populist roles of the past, Jackie Chan embraces his noir-side with this epic movie from Hong Kong. This classic explores life as it is when embroiled with the Yakuza and entangled with the cost of surviving in such a world.


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