Guest Author: Why comedy makes the world a better place

By Sneha Soneji

Indians say butter makes everything better, likewise I genuinely believe comedy makes life better. 

The culture of comedy in India is gradually growing by the day, one reason being due to the hectic, stressful lives we are living and the other reason being, people now need more options of entertainment than just being limited to movies and music. Comedy gives one the best of both worlds- de-stress and entertainment. 

Comedy is more than a way of passing one’s time but if you observe closely, it is a way of life and a part of our everyday existence. It doesn’t matter, whether you are watching a stand-up-comedian, crack a joke or if your sick friend makes a self-deprecating joke about her sickness, comedy or as we now call it- humour is everywhere, sometimes even when we are not looking for it! 

But then comes the inevitable question, what is all this for? Is it just for the momentary laughs and a few feel-good moments or are we changing the way we feel or think? It really keeps one thinking doesn’t it? 

Well, for us regular folks, comedy may just be a way of passing time but for comedians, it is a way of life, with a thought that their joke may change our thinking. That’s the best part of comedy- it pushes one to think out of the cocoon they’re in, but without any provocation or getting any feeling hurt, well sometimes. 

For example, I recently came across a story which spoke about how comedy is extremely powerful, once a teenager came up to a comedian after a show which was about the comedian coming out to his parents and the society, the gig made the teenager also come out to his family, in another example, in the same show a woman’s grumpy father’s views changed about gay people as they watched the comedian crack some of his jokes on coming out, though these are a few instances, it really shows how comedy need not only be superficial, but it can also be life altering and mind blowing.

Oh, and have I told you about the health benefits of comedy? Did you know there are people who research the brain when one gets a joke? And also, the very many benefits to the heart when we have a hearty laugh. It could also give an insight of the nature of comedians who chose this as their profession. For instance, research presented in 2014 showed that, despite their work and job of making people laugh, comedians had less activity in brain regions associated with the pleasure and enjoyment of humour compared to everybody else.

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Well, no matter what one says, making people laugh, making people forget about their worries, even if it is for a few seconds is one of the greatest powers a man can ever possess. 

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Sneha Soneji is a food blogger from Mumbai and also creates content around beauty and lifestyle.

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