Published on 28th Nov 2019 by -Harshita Modi

Every woman sooner or later succumbs to societal pressure of giving birth and then retreating back to body's original shape as fast as possible. Even though motherhood is an amazing feeling, but accept it or not it does come with a cost on your body and health. As much as it is important for you to take care of your body during the pregnancy, it is also equally important for you to take care of it post the pregnancy. 

The first and foremost thing that is recommended is hitting the gym. Even though gym might help but it could potentially be harmful as well. So, you must be careful with the exercises you do. My journey to fitness has been all about hit and trial and then finally getting on track with it. After my pregnancy, my body didn’t feel healthy at all, plus the skin and muscles loosened itself. I tried to hit the gym for a while, but it didn’t go too well with me, because I had to take care of the baby as well as do other chores at home. In addition to this, whenever I would make time to hit the gym, I would overdo it which would eventually resulted in more harm than good. 

However, slowly and steadily, I went and read several other mom blogs on the internet because as you know being a mother is a constant learning not only for your baby but for yourself as well. I understood that it becomes very important for you to slow down and listen to what your body wants. Crunches are not recommendable when you are pregnant, so it is recommended not do them till at least 8 months post pregnancy as they can cause abdominal separation. Similarly, there are various other exercises that can cause discomfort time and again. Hence, my advice to all those struggling with post pregnancy work out is that first see which workout works the best for your body as you are the master of your own body and you will know what is best for you. You may consult a fitness expert or your doctor first. Work on your cores and protect your pelvic as much as possible. Lastly, eating healthy is the easiest way out but it is also important to eat enough. Furthermore, never feel guilty for taking time out for yourself. 20-30 minutes a day for yourself is very much needed to keep mental and physical health in check. As you know happy wife means happy life. 

Fitness During Pregnancy
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Being a new mommy is hard, you are adapting to so many new things. Hence, exercising may cause fatigue and tiredness so it is very important for you to take ample amount of rest to recover. Hence give yourself that break. Drink lots of fluids, not just water but smoothies work wonder. 

This post might sound generic but every individual mommy’s journey to fitness is a different kind as what may work for me might not work for you. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you are exercising safely, to your limits (not someone else’s) and that you are working on building your fitness and strength and not just focusing on the scales. 
So, c’mon wake up mommy beauties, it’s time to beast. :)

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